Estate Planning And Employment Law Attorneys In Jackson

At the law firm of Abbott, Thomson, Mauldin, Parker & Beer, PLC, our attorneys handle a wide range of legal issues for clients throughout south-central Michigan. We are highly regarded for the experience and personal attention with which we handle legal matters. Our attorneys maintain a strict code of ethical conduct and the highest professional standards, resolving legal issues effectively and efficiently.

Reaching Solutions Across A Wide Range Of Legal Areas

Our lawyers help a diverse group of clients reach solutions in many areas of law, including estate planning and employment law. We also help people who have lost their driving privileges get their driver's licenses reinstated. In addition, we handle probate and other complex legal issues facing individuals and businesses in Michigan.

Our client base consists of individuals, manufacturing companies, software development companies, web-development companies, credit unions, collection agencies, commercial and residential contractors and/or developers, local governments and municipalities, as well as school districts and colleges. This broad client base has enabled our lawyers to develop extensive experience in a wide range of legal matters.

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